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The Happy Biltong Company
Try our authentic & delicious Beef Biltong and Pork Scratching snack bags today – we promise you won’t be disappointed!


The Happy Biltong Company

HB Snacks cures and manufactures some of the finest beef biltong you can buy in the UK!

We are dedicated to producing the very best biltong on the market. In order to do this we believe in not just using the very best beef, but we have gone to great lengths to source the very best quality Herbs, Spices & Salts for flavouring. Biltong is the alternative meat snack and is a superfood, containing very high amounts of protein which contributes to a growth in muscle mass.

Our biltong snack packs are the perfect addition to any lunch or for enjoying throughout the day. So whether you are a professional athlete, a dedicated gym goer or just looking to increase your protein intake, take a look at our fantastic range.

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The Happy Biltong Company
Our Original biltong is a celebration of the natural flavour of beef. The secret blend of spices we use is designed to perfectly complement the beef, giving our Original recipe a real meaty taste.
Hicktong is a new flavour in biltong - and it works really well. In fact, it’s so more-ish we considered putting a warning on it! The hickory smoke works with our spices fantastically well to enhance the beef and even give it a bacon-like note.
This is a real treat for chilli lovers. Our spice mix is designed to delight your senses, the chill flavour develops as you work through the packet. Looking to be left with a loverly warm glow Look no further!
Firetong is for all you real chilli lovers out there. It’s a blend of the best chillies around, giving you a hot treat, the heat will increase as you work your way through the bag. Not hot enough? Have another packet - it’ll take you to the next level!
Peri Peri is a lovely flavour that realy works with our biltong. Our fantastic Mexican spice mix will treat your sense to many different notes as you experience this wonderful flavour, finishing with a litttle Mexican heat!
Jalapeño is a loved flavour that works wonderfully with biltong. Jalepeños produce a small amount of heat, which blends with our special secret spice mix to deliver your senses a real treat.

Contains high amounts of protein
which contributes to a growth in muscle mass

The Happy Biltong Company

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The Happy Biltong Company

Inspired by a passion for flavour and a desire to find a snack that is as delicious as it is healthy, HB Snacks are proud of the range of snacks and flavours we have to offer. We are delighted to be supplying our products to pubs, delicatessens, and gyms across the UK.

We supply each of our flavours to resellers on a handy hanging strip, so they’re ready to hang up straight from the box. Whichever flavour combination you require, we’re more than happy to tailor our orders to suit the needs of your business and clientele!

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