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The history of Biltong

The Happy Biltong Company

The history of Biltong goes back to the Dutch Voortrekkers travelling from the cape exploring what would become South Africa. They needed food to sustain themselves and realised that the only way to preserve meat was to hang it out to dry thus Biltong was born!

Biltong is an air dried snack, made by curing red meats. Traditional South African recipes will be based around salt, cracked coriander, black pepper and vinegar. The meat is then hung and left to be air dried, before being sliced and enjoyed.

It is made using beef or can be made with game such as kudu, impala, ostrich – any red meat can be used. It typically was sold as long fillets but is now more commonly sliced and supplied in handy size snack packets to be enjoyed at your leisure.


The Happy Biltong Company

HB Snacks supply an extensive range of authentically produced and tasty biltong in the UK. Every packet is made with finest quality beef, salt and spices; In order to get the very best flavours, we believe you have to start by putting the very best in. Biltong is fast becoming a favourite alternative snack here in the UK and is not just for those looking for a healthy fix.

We now also provide a wide range of Pork Scratchings, Nuts and Indian Street Food! Take a look at our online shop to see all of our delicious flavours.

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