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Looking to offer your customers something other than the standard crisps or nuts? Introducing some delicious alternatives to your traditional bar snacks! Our beef biltong and flavoured pork scratchings are packed full of tongue tingling flavours and are guaranteed to boost your bar profits!

As well as feeding your hungry customers, especially if you don’t offer food, bar snacks encourage more drink sales. There are plenty more options these days to help keep your customers’ thirst going aside from the usual crisps and nuts; stand out from the crowd and offer your customers the latest in mouth-watering nibbles.

Popular Gym Snack

Our biltong snack packs are particularly popular with those who are looking for scrumptious bites that will complement their time spent working out at the gym. Each 35g pack is high in protein so it is perfect for gym goers and fitness enthusiasts looking for a natural and healthier snack.

We’ve received feedback from our current clients that their customers are willing to pay that bit extra to enjoy a premium, high quality snack – so why not give our range a try?

Our tasty beef biltong comes in 6 different flavours: Chilli, Firetong, Hickory, Jalapeno, Original and PeriPeri. And if your punters fancy a more traditional snack but with a new and exciting twist, we have a whole new range of delicious flavoured pork scratchings. From smoky Barbeque to tangy Sweet Chilli, we can guarantee there’s a flavour for everyone.

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If you’re a bar or pub manager, make sure you are offering your customers the best bar snacks in town. Stay above the competition with our tasty and authentically produced flavoured beef biltong and pork scratchings. Find out more today by getting in touch with us here.

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