Prepare your pub for Christmas

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Get your pub in the festive spirit with snacks and decorations

A Christmassy pub can draw in more customers and feel more atmospheric. It’s easy to get in the festive spirit with just a few simple ideas, so check out our top tips for turning your pub into a winter wonderland in just three steps.


It’s not Christmas without a tree, or at least some tinsel and fairy lights. Punters like to feel like a pub is a home from home, so decorating it like your customers’ front room will help to add the perfect festive flavour to your pub.

Stock up on snacks

Christmas is the busiest time of year for most businesses, but especially pubs. It’s key to be fully stocked in every department, and this includes bar snacks. Getting in some extra pork scratchings and biltong for the bar will keep your customers going over Christmas.

Make a playlist

Christmas music brings a festive atmosphere anywhere, so why not plan a seasonal mix for your pub? You may not even need to do this at all yourself if you have a jukebox, but by playing a few of your favourite classics, you can make your pub feel festive in no time.

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