Firetong Biltong


Authentic and delicious Beef Biltong.

Firetong is for all you chilli lovers out there. It’s a blend of the best chillies around giving you a hot treat, the heat will increase as you work your way through the bag. Not hot enough? Have another packet – it’ll take you to the next level!

The more Biltong you order the cheaper it gets! For example:
5 or 10 packets = £2.00 per packet
15 or 20 packets = £1.95 per packet
25 or 30 packets = £1.90 per packet
35 or 40 packets = £1.85 per packet

Discounts apply to all flavours so feel free to mix and match

AND if you order 40 packets or more, we’ll even throw in the postage as well!



Tasty biltong with a fiery kick – A satisfying snack that will set your taste buds on fire.

At the Happy Biltong Company we are dedicated to producing the very best biltong on the market. We use only the very best beef plus we have also gone to great lengths to source the highest quality Herbs, Spices & Salts for flavouring.

Our biltong snack packs are perfect for enjoying after the gym or throughout the day, it is high in protein which contributes to a growth in muscle mass.

So whether you are a professional athlete, a dedicated gym goer or just looking to increase your protein intake, try some of our delicious range of biltong.

Packets are 35g