Kenyan Chevda


Sweet, spicy and incredibly tasty

Mouthwatering Indian snack with a touch of authentic spices.

The more Peanuts you order the cheaper it gets! For example:
5 or 10 packets = £1.50 per packet
15 or 20 packets = £1.45 per packet
25 or 30 packets = £1.40 per packet
35 or 40 packets = £1.35 per packet


Our scrumptious Kenyan Chevda is a savoury snack mix originating from Kenyan potatoes, that can kerb your hunger and keep you going between meals.

The Happy Biltong Company are proud to share our Kenyan Chevda mix, perfect for snacking on during the day. Its combination of spices and textures are extremely tasty and make for an excellent bar snack. The mix of flavours is truly unique and something that will impress your tastebuds.

Kenyan Chevda is extremely distinctive and definitely worth a taste: try it today!

Packets are 50g