Mung Dal


This fried, salty and delicious snack is exactly what you need to satisfy your cravings.

The more Indian Street Food you order the cheaper it gets! For example:
5 or 10 packets = £1.50 per packet
15 or 20 packets = £1.45 per packet
25 or 30 packets = £1.40 per packet
35 or 40 packets = £1.35 per packet


Straight from the heart of Indian, the Happy Biltong Company’s fried Mung Dal is a salty and scrumptious treat perfect for bars or sharing with friends.

Mung beans are one of Asia’s staple beans, used in some of cuisine’s most distinctive dishes, both savoury and sweet. Our delicious Mung Dal strips the beans and turns them into soup-like dal, before we fry them into a wonderfully crispy and suitably salty treat.

Mung beans are packs with anti-oxidants and are rich in potassium, magnesium and fibre. Our packs are full to the brim with flavour and are a delightful alternative to other Indian Street Food options.

Packets are 50g