Holy Habanero Pork Scratchings


Super crunchy, delicious Pork Scratchings

Want to really get your taste buds tingling? Give our Holy Habanero Pork Scratchings a try!

Scoring Very Hot on the Scoville Scale, alongside the well loved Scotch Bonnet, this flavour is especially made for those who love their snacks hot and spicy.

The more Pork Scratchings you order the cheaper it gets! For example:
5 or 10 packets = £1.50 per packet
15 or 20 packets = £1.45 per packet
25 or 30 packets = £1.40 per packet
35 or 40 packets = £1.35 per packet



At the Happy Biltong Company we are dedicated to producing the best flavoured Pork Scratchings available on the market. Using only the finest ingredients and flavourings we can guarantee you will love the gorgeous tastes and super crunchy texture.


Nutritional Information per 100g:

Energy 2621KJ/632kcal, Fat 54.7g, of which saturates 18.45g, Carbohydrates 4.68g, of which sugars 0.74g, Protein 31.15g, Salt 2.21g

Packets are 50g