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If you’re looking to supply the tastiest snacks for your gym, pub or deli, look no further than the Happy Biltong Company!

At the Happy Biltong Company, we are a leading supplier of bar snacks and biltong for your establishment. Whether you’re looking to give your customers a tasty treat to enjoy with a pint, or a shot of protein after a gym session, we have products to satisfy your needs.


Biltong is a great gym snack. With high levels of protein and very little fat, it’s one of the healthiest grab-and-go snacks you can have after a workout. We supply each flavour to gyms on a handy hanging strip so that they’re ready to hang up straight from the box, and we’re more than happy to tailor flavour orders to your needs.


Our biltong is as delicious as it is healthy, and combined with the likes of flavoured pork scratchings, nuts and Indian street food, we can supply your pub with an array of scrumptious snacks. Our products are perfect for pubs, and should you bulk buy, we can offer discounts and offers.


Biltong can make a great snack to sell over a deli counter. All of our biltong is home-cured and expertly seasoned, making them a fantastic complement to other snacks, or perfectly at home alongside other high-quality products. Your customers will be eager to snap up our fantastic biltong, and we can arrange for specific flavours in your orders, depending on what your customers like.

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If you’re a bar, pub or gym manager, make sure you are offering your customers the best bar snacks in town. Stay above the competition with our tasty and authentically produced flavoured beef biltong and pork scratchings. Find out more today by getting in touch with us here.


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