Thieves raid shop but only steal peanuts and biltong

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Biltong is so tasty that many will go to great lengths just for a taste. But a group of thieves took that to the next level on Monday, when a shop in Pretoria, South Africa, was raided at 5:30 in the morning simply for peanuts and biltong.

The theft was particularly curious, as the group of thieves chose to leave the petty cash in the tills and make off just with the snacks. The thieves were caught on the shop’s security camera, with the owner Ricus Oosthuizen saying that despite the gang only making off with the beef and nuts, it’s certainly cost his business.

“They only stole my supply of biltong and peanuts,” Oosthuizen claimed, “They stole a considerable amount of biltong however, which is worth thousands.”

It is believed that there were four or five men present at the robbery. The group were picked up on security footage outside the store leaving in an Izuzu truck, and police in South Africa are currently investigating the crime.

This isn’t the first recorded incidence of thieves choosing to steal biltong, though. In 2013, two men were caught stealing 33 pieces biltong from a butchery in Petrusburg, after loitering around the scene of the crime and being spotted by two police officers they were already known to.

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