What is the difference between biltong and beef jerky?

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Whilst biltong and beef jerky share a number of characteristics, they differ greatly in taste, ingredients and the way they are made. Both known for being a tasty on-the-go snack, biltong and beef jerky are both a product of dried meat – So how exactly can such similar foods be as different as they are?

Flavouring methods
Biltong and jerky are flavoured differently from the very beginning of their production process. Biltong is flavoured using fresh herbs and spices, whereas jerky is often smoked.

Cuts of meat
Biltong and jerky are created using different cuts of meat. Biltong is usually a thick cut, which allows for its extensive drying time, however, jerky is generally much thinner.

Production process
Jerky is typically dehydrated for around 6 – 12 hours, however, biltong is air dried on hooks for up to a week. This slow and natural process creates a more tender product.

Generally, jerky provides a drier and more chewy texture than biltong. Biltong, due to its thicker cut and longer drying time is generally a little more tender.

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