Which snacks should I invest in for my pub?

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Biltong, scratchings, or something more exotic? Our snack specialists break down the foods that you should consider stocking up on in your pub.

Pubs are becoming more adventurous with snacks these days. With establishments branching out into exciting new foods for customers, what are the core snacks that every pub should invest in?


Biltong is the perfect bar snack. Not only will its high protein content help to cure your customers’ hunger, but with so many flavours available, including chilli, hickory and peri peri, there’s a range of spices to cater for all palettes. Biltong is a modern snack to invest in and it’s extremely popular with the health-conscious.


Scratchings are an iconic pub food and a perfect snack to complement with alcohol. At the Happy Biltong Company, we supply a variety of flavours including garlic and barbecue. It’s vital for any pub to invest in scratchings, and with our wide range, you can provide your customers with the luxury of choice.


Low in carbohydrates, high in protein and suitable for vegans, peanuts are a staple alternative option to meat snacks in any pub. Our Firenuts and spiced peanuts can provide your customers with an extra buzz, as the combination of spices and flavours make for a more delicious result than your average peanuts.

Indian street food

If you’re looking to branch out into unusual supersnacks, our Bombay mix, mung dal and Kenyan chevda make for fantastic bar options. All our Indian street food has authentic spices and subtle textures: they’re the perfect pub snacks for anyone looking to discover something new.

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If you’re a bar or pub manager, make sure you are offering your customers the best bar snacks in town. Stay above the competition with our tasty and authentically produced flavoured beef biltong and pork scratchings. Find out more today by getting in touch with us here.

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